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Esta es tu página Acerca de. Es tu oportunidad para compartir tu historia sobre quién eres y qué tiene tu sitio web para ofrecer. Haz doble clic en la caja de texto para comenzar a editar tu contenido y asegúrate de que todos los detalles relevantes que quieres compartir están incluidos.

About us

Welcome to our esteemed society, where brilliance finds its home. We are an exclusive network of exceptional handpicked students from the renowned BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) program at ESADE. With a relentless pursuit of greatness, we forge connections and seek out future opportunities and projects that carry immense potential for social impact. Our association comprises a select group of 10 students, representing the pinnacle of our active membership capacity.

Within our vibrant community, we nurture invaluable relationships, fostering a collaborative environment that propels professional growth. Rooted in a shared commitment to academic excellence, we relentlessly pursue transformative opportunities in the dynamic world of business.

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Our Story

Two students in the middle of their flight, getting ready to enjoy their summer vacation, had the idea of creating a groundbreaking association at our university with the purpose of establishing a unique network of direct contact among young talents. A few months later, E-10 is founded.

"The best ideas are not the ones that are only thought of but the ones that are put into action."

Our Mision

E-10 is born as a solution for both students and companies. Serving as the core that connects young talents from the university, we streamline the talent recruitment process for companies by offering personalized approach to ensure they acquire profiles that best fit their interests. E-10 is a hub where ideas are conceived, materialized, and rise.

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Our Vision

Our main goal is to become the main talent network at Esade. Expanding our horizons, creating a family, and leaving a legacy is what motivates us to keep growing every day.

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